Installation of one TYPO3 Docker Boilerplate

See TYPO3 Docker Boilerplate on Github for now.

Maintainance and Backup

Running Multiple Instances in Parallel

Following the standard way to setup of TYPO3 Docker Boilerplate, all instances will get the same ports. The TYPO3 BE is accessible by the URL

The drawback is, that only one TYPO3 Docker suite can run at a time. I need to shut down the current one to fire up another. Now one idea of Dockers is, to have a small memory footprint per application. A reason to choose it, is to be able to run multiple instances in parallel. The trick to this, is to separate their ports.

The ports are configured in the file docker-compose.yml. I reduce the YAML file to the parts of interest:

        - "8000:80"
        - "8443:443"
        - "10022:22"
        - "13306:3306"

The last number is the port of the Docker container. The first number is the port on the Vagrant box it is mapped to. Now my strategy to separate the ports, is to add a unique number that identifies each TYPO3 Docker suite.

1:Suite ehfaq
2:Suite esp

If I assign the number 1 to the Suite ehfaq I need to add an offset of +1 to all target ports relative to the standard ports.

        - "8001:80"
        - "8444:443"
        - "10023:22"
        - "13307:3306"

Now I can fire up both in parallel and access each one by a distinct URL:


The ports don’t conflict any more. I keep a central file manually to keep track of the ID.