Extension from Scratch

Usually you build an extension with the Extension Builder. However like with every piece of software it is useful do have an idea of the minimal requirements to get it running. So this chapter is a kind of Hello World of Extensions.

I write this chapter while creating a personal research extension, that I plan to use in future for all kind of research purposes. I will upload this extension to TER so that people can peep inside. However, it will stay alpha forevre. It is not targeted to be used in production.

I choose the extension key ehres for Elmar Hinz RESearch.

Registering an Extension Key

Hello World

The Files

This files will go into the minimal extension.


That is enough to make the extension installable by the extension mangaer and be able to upload it to TER.

Extension Manager Configuration

Likely the name of the file ext_emconf.php is an abbreviation for extension manger configuration. Here names, dependencies, versions, and other stuff is configured, so the extension manager, the TER and other programs can read it and take action.

However the future of this file is limited. It will be replaced by the file composer.json sooner or later. To prepare the extension for the composer installer and autolaoder it is reasonable to provide that file as well, which causes redundant information in the meantime.